5) Možnosti prenosa za tekmovalce z večkratnimi prijavami na odpovedana tekmovanja v sezoni 2020

These are the transfer options for all events of WEU* that unfortunately had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It shall give you an overview and you can find all details for each option when you follow the link given for each option.

(*= Western Europe - Andorra, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland)

If you have booked multiple races (it does not matter if you booked them with Multi Race Pass, Trifecta Pass or one by one) we have some special options for you.

  1. If only one of your races in your account got cancelled and you want to move to 2021, you received a personal 70% discount voucher that you can use for that same race in 2021, together with an additional non-personal 30% discount code you can use in 2021 for a race in Western Europe or give to a friend to race with you.

    2. If 2 races of your account got cancelled, for the first race, the rules above remain valid (70% + 30% code), and for the second race, if you also want to move that to 2021, you get a personal 80% discount voucher for a race in  Slovenia Kranjska Gora 2021 and additional 20% non-personal discount you can use for another race in Western Europe and that you can also give to a friend.

    3. If 3 races got cancelled, the above rules remain valid, and for the 3rd race, if you want to move to 2021, you will receive a personal 90% discount voucher for Slovenia Kranjska Gora 2021 + 10% non-personal discount you can use for another race in the whole Western Europe and that you can also transfer to a friend.

Because you already received the codes they will remain the same, just the value proposition changes as described above.

The rules apply across all your registrations in Western Europe- so the count goes across all countries/events in Western Europe. The respective code is always valid in the country/region that your "original cancelled event" belongs to.


- First cancelled race is in Germany: 70% Code valid for a race in Germany and Austria in 2021

- second cancelled race is in Italy: 80% code valid for a race in Italy in 2021

And so on.

The codes are valid as long as the registration for the 2021 events are open.

How to get your codes:

Please open your MaxFun profile, search for the cancelled race and chose in the right dropdown the option “Transfer”

Now you have to choose the option “Transfer your ticket to 2021” (1)

The Percentage of discount (70% / 80% / 90% / 100%) for a cancelled race ticket will be determined by chronological order of your cancellation of the tickets for cancelled races.

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