3) Transfer option to another race in 2020 (not bound on name or race)

These are the transfer options for all events of WEU* that unfortunately had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It shall give you an overview and you can find all details for each option when you follow the link given for each option.

(*= Western Europe - Andorra, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland)


  • The code is available until 3 months after the last scheduled event date
  • The code is only usable for 2020 events.
  • In this option you can also transfer to other events regardless of the race format.
    (e.g. Sprint Open Heat to Beast Elite Heat)
  • In this option you can also give the code to someone else.
  • With the deferral you receive a code with the value of the amount you paid for your registration.
    This voucher can be used now for another race in Western Europe in 2020.

To get this deferral code for a race, please log in to your user account at

Now select the option "Deferral" in the drop-down menu of the desired race. 



If you select this option (4), your race ticket will be cancelled. After the selection you will see information about the cancellation. The amount you paid for the booking (1), the fee for cancellation (2), the amount of the discount code (3), the validity and the races in which the code can be redeemed are displayed.

This option cannot be used if you registered with a deferral code from a previous registration or with a free entry code (e.g. volunteer code). This is because the only the paid amount for the registration that gets deferred is considered. If a discount or a deferment code was used for the original registration, only the amount that was paid to complete that registration will be considered. (e.g. if the payment for a €100 registration will be done with a 40% or €40 voucher code, the deferment for that race will be a €60 code. MaxFun calculates only the amount paid in, not the amount the race would cost. Therefore, if a 100% code will be used, the voucher code is worth €0.)

The amount of the code you will get is shown during the process.(3)

Therefore, if you registered with a 100% code and you want to defer please contact the customer service with the receipt of your booking.

If you used this transfer option you will find your code in the coupon section on the right site in your MAXFUN account to register in the new race. 

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