Volunteering For A Free Race Code

As a thank you for your help, you will receive a free start for your day as a volunteer.

On the day of your volunteer assignment, you must register with the volunteer coordinator in the morning and unsubscribe at the end of the shift. Only then you will receive your free start.

The following shifts are offered:

  • RACE DAY-FULL SHIFT = Volunteer shifts on Raceday from morning to evening
  • PRE- / POSTRACE-SHIFT = All Volunteer shifts before and after the Race day 

The code you earn is valid:

  • Depending on the shift and day you helped as a volunteer you will recieve a code for the distances Sprint, Super or Beast
  • Free races (100% Coupon Codes) are valid for all races (Race-format depends on your shift) within 12 months after the day you volunteered, including the event where help was provided.
  • In Open Heat (Age Group or Elite can be registered at your own request in advanced
    To know how this works please see the lower part of our Transfer FAQ)
  • In DE / AT / NL / ESP / AND / IT / FRA / SI
    (The only exception: outside of DE / AT / NL a Beast Code has to be earned with 2 volunteer raceday shifts - if this applies to you, please write us an email)
  • The free race is only valid for a future race. (Spartan will inform you if there are event specific exceptions)
  • Those who help on Thursday to Friday and want to start on Saturday will be registered on the spot for Saturday or will receive information about the exact process of registration on the Volunteer Day
  • The free race code will always be send via email within a week after the race
    You will than receive an email with all informations regarding your code

    (we will activate a coupon code in the coupon section of your MaxFun profile. You can use this code for the races you can see on the right site next to the code)
  • Free starts can be exchanged and given away.
  • The sale of the coupon code is prohibited. if we take notice of that, the code will be blocked and the registration will be canceled (also for the buyer). It is also forbidden to buy a volunteer-code.
  • There is the possibility that friends or family volunteer and another person receives a free start for that same day. This must then be agreed individually with the volunteer coordinator.
  • Write us an email to


After registering with the code, you can only transfer the race via customer service. Since MaxFun does not receive payment from you, deferring your paid amount is not possible. Accordingly, you would receive a 0 € credit coupon code over the normal deferral. So if you want to change to another race within the 12 months, let us know via EMAIL.



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