Spartan Kranjska Gora 2021 – changes in the date & format

(Updated on 14th May 2021)

Facing all circumstances associated with the COVID-19, we are committed to organizing a safe event in 2021, and at the same time offer to you an unforgettable experience on the highest possible level.

That's why we have been in constant contact with the local authorities, and we need to inform you that Spartan Race Kranjska Gora is changing format and dates. 

Latest development: Spartan Race Kranjska Gora 2021 has been rescheduled from 26th/27th of June to the 28th/29th of August 2021.




On 28th and 29th August, the whole city of Kranjska Gora will become Sparta and host a first ever Double Sprint. There will also be a lot of accompanying program and activities to keep you entertained. 

Important: Due to Covid-19 related government restrictions we have to limit the number of participants to 500 per day

With a new date and changes in the format, we prepared additional information for already registered athletes, but also all others that are planning to race in Spartan Kranjska Gora in 2021.


  1. Registered for Spartan Kranjska Gora on earlier dates?

Your registration is valid for the new date, so 28th or 29th of August. As an added feature, you will have an option to battle the course twice, first time in the morning and the second time in the afternoon.

Registered for 2021 Double Sprint in Kranjska Gora?

All registered athletes for June 2021 Kranjska Gora Double Sprint have been automatically registered for a new date in August. The registrations were transferred to the same event (for example: age group), and same day (Saturday or Sunday) as the original registration for 2021 Double Sprint in Kranjska Gora race.

In case the registered athletes cannot attend the event in August, they have by 15th June 2021 to transfer their full registration to Spartan Race Kranjska Gora 2022, for the same or shorter race format as their original registration for 2021 Double Sprint in Kranjska Gora race.

Registered for 2021 Kranjska Gora (Sprint, Super or Beast) in May?

All registered athletes for 2021 Kranjska Gora (Sprint, Super or Beast) received an email with codes for a new race and some additional benefits:

  • If you have registered for Sprint, you will receive a separate email with 100% discount code that you can use for Sprint in Kranjska Gora this or next year.
    • If you have registered for Super, you will receive a separate email with 100% discount code that you can use:
         • for Sprint this year. On top of that you will receive additional 15% discount code for Sprint or Super in Kranjska Gora 2022.
           • or for Sprint or Super in Kranjska Gora 2022.
    • If you have registered for Beast, you will receive a separate email with 100% discount code that you can use:
           • for Sprint this year. On top of that you will receive additional 25% discount code for Sprint, Super or Beast in Kranjska Gora 2022.
           • or for Sprint, Super or Beast in Kranjska Gora 2022.
    • If you have registered for Kids Race, you will receive a separate email with 100% discount code that you can use for Kids Race in Kranjska Gora 2022.


  1. I would like to race the event this year in August, but I might not be able to travel. What happens to my registration?

All 2021 registrations are fully guaranteed, so you can register for the race and in case of travel restriction use options in MaxFun to register for Sprint race in 2022, as soon as registrations open. Do not worry, we will inform you as soon as this option is available.


  1. Can I race the Sprint twice, once on Saturday and a second time on Sunday?

Due to organizational and safety reasons this will not be an option. If you choose Saturday or Sunday, when registering for the race you heat will be marked with both start times of the same day, for example Saturday, Open Heat, 10:00 & 14:00. You get to do the course twice in the same day.


  1. Does that mean that I have to pay for two starts?

No, of course not. This is a special edition of a regular, well known Spartan Sprint Race. You get to tackle the course twice for one starting fee. Also, price for the whole registration period will stay the same, 69€ for Open category.


  1. I am registered for Super and/or Beast? What happens with my registration?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions organizing a Trifecta in 2021 was not a viable option, but all 2021 registrations are 100% secured, so you will have an option of deferral of your registration to Kranjska Gora 2022 event when a full Trifecta weekend will be organized. This will be an option as soon as Kranjska Gora 2022 registrations will be opened and date confirmed (in month of April).

Check the description of options in point 1., a bit higher in this message,


  1. I still have a coupon from 2020 cancellation. Can I use it also for registering for the new 2021 Kranjska Gora event?

Sure, the codes are valid and are waiting to be used. You can use the code that you got from Sprint, Super and Beast cancellation. Similar as for already registered athletes, if you use the code you received because of Super and Beast cancellation, additional discount for 2022 will follow:

If you use your Super or Beast codes for this year's sprint, we will send you an additional discount for next year's event as well:

  • If you have discount code for Super and you register for Kranjska Gora Sprint 2021, we will send you a 15% discount voucher for Sprint or Super in Kranjska Gora 2022.
  • If you have discount code for Beast and you register for Kranjska Gora Sprint 2021, we will send you a 25% discount voucher for Sprint, Super or Beast in Kranjska Gora 2022.

*Additional codes for 2022 will be sent out just after the race weekend to all that registered using the 2020 discount codes.


  1. What if I can’t travel or race in 2021 in Kranjska Gora due to other reasons, do my discount codes from 2020 expire?

No, the codes are valid until the end of 2021 calendar year, so you can use them in the second part of the year when all information about the 2022 Kranjska Gora Trifecta weekend will be available and a lot of amazing stories from Sprint weekend in 2021 will motivate you to plan a trip to Kranjska Gora in 2022!


  1. What about the Kids race in 2021? And registered Kids from 2020?

Kids race is an amazing and fun, emotional event that is a true part of every Spartan weekend. Taking into account all the limitations and restrictions that we are currently facing, a decision was made that we can not host a Kids event in Kranjska Gora in 2021, but we will make it a vital part of Trifecta weekend in 2022. Registrations from 2020 will transfer into 2022.


  1. So in this new 2021 event, will there also be only an “open” category?

No, there will be an option of all three – Elite, AGR and Open. Due to number limitations for each day (500 athletes per day) we are adjusting the number of athletes in the starting heats and the number of heats available. The first heat, as always, reserved for the Elite category, the second and third for AGR and 4-7 heats for open.

Starting times and number of athletes in each heat are a subject to a possible change, depending on health and safety protocols that we will need to follow on the race weekend. Information about this will be readily communicated and available.


  1. What else do I need to know? What can I expect?

Prepare for and expect a great racing weekend! We are following the situation with Covid-19 pandemic and will inform all registered athletes of possible changes via email and our social media outposts. There will for certain be some health and safety protocols in place for the event weekend – a special Athlete Guide will be prepared with all details. All else is up to you! Train, eat healthy, stay strong, follow us on social media and brush up on you Slovenian – some words you will sure want to use in Kranjska Gora: “Čudovito!”, “Izjemno!”, “Zabavno” in “Na zdravje!”


  1. If there are travel restrictions, can I get my money back?

All registrations in 2021 are 100 guaranteed, so there are options to use the registration for 2022 race in Kranjska Gora or other events in case that there are travel or other limitations causing you to not be able to come to Kranjska Gora. Spartan races do have a general no refund policy which is a part of waiver and General T&Cs you can find here.


  1. Will there be any group discounts?

Group discounts will not be available in 2021 Kranjska Gora Sprint races. We are limited to two days and 500 athletes per day due to expected health and safety restrictions connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this reason, we are not able to offer and additional discounts.


  1. What if the race can’t be organized in August? What then?

Worsening of the general health and safety conditions can cause an event to be postponed or cancelled. In that case, we will inform all registered athletes directly, but also general public via our social network outlets about the postponement options. As for 2021 registrations – you already know, they are 100% guaranteed.


  1. I still have some additional questions I would like to find answers to. Who can I contact?

Browse the rest of our FAQs for answers in different, more Spartan general topics. You can also contact our customer service at and post a question to our team.

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